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4. Granny Smith

Hailing from Australia, Granny Smith apples are hard and crisp, with bright green exteriors and a tart flavor which complements cheeses and other savory foods.

5. Fuji

Japanese growers introduced the Fuji apple in the early 20th century. Large and extremely sweet, they are best eaten raw and make flavorful additions to salads.

6. McIntosh

McIntosh apples have green and red exteriors and soft interiors. They’re too mushy when baked for pies, but superb in apple butter or apple sauce.

7. Rome

Bright red Rome apples are good for baking, as cooking brings out their mild flavor.

8. Empire

Created in 1966 in the Empire State of New York by crossing Red Delicious and McIntosh varieties, Empire apples are good for cooking or eating raw. They are usually round and red, sometimes with specks of green.

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