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Nothing better epitomizes the fresh appeal of fruit than an apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, according to the old proverb. Here are 10 of the most popular and delicious types of apples. Although they vary in appearance and flavor, they are guaranteed to titillate your taste buds and help you maintain robust health.

1. Red Delicious

The soft, juicy Red Delicious is America’s most popular apple. A favorite for snacks as it’s best eaten raw, it has a classic red exterior and pure white interior.

2. Gala

Gala apples have the same shape as Red Delicious, but their skins are mottled yellow and red. They are great for snacks, but also suitable for cooking.

3. Golden Delicious

Originating in West Virginia in the late 19th century, this apple is related only in name to the Red Delicious. Because it doesn’t last for long when stored, it is best eaten soon after picking. It also makes great sauces and pies.

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