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The coronavirus quarantine has caused many of us to look for new and interesting things to do around the home. HBO Max is now getting in on the fun, with a new show for families that promises to offer many crafting options.

It seems as if this show is just in time because many people are now running out of things to do since we have been stuck at home for quite some time. Many of us have become somewhat comfortable with our home surroundings, and we may not feel safe being out and about. That is why HBO Max has a new show that is sure to provide a welcome distraction.

Photo: YouTube/HBO Max

“Craftopia” is not just another DIY show, the studio describes itself as “an epic kids crafting competition show.” I think that pretty much sums it up, and it is perfect for children, all the way up through tweens. Three youngsters, between the ages of 9 and 15, are provided with a theme in each episode. They have to race to put all of the materials that are needed within their carts from the studio store. There may be challenges that come up along the way, and in the end, they have to come up with an inspiring creation.

Some of the challenges you will see in the first season include creating a puppet theater and a custom lemonade stand.

This is sure to be a grand slam for children because it seems to hit all the highlights. It is DIY, a little competition, it ties into YouTube, and there is a $5000 prize to the winner! Not only that, but the “Craft-Trophia” award also awaits the winner as well.

Photo: YouTube/HBO Max

Lauren Riihimaki is the host of the show, who also happens to be a major YouTube influencer (LaurDIY). I would imagine your kids have watched plenty of her videos already.

Photo: YouTube/HBO Max

In order to see the show, you will have to have access to HBO Max. Not only will you have this unique crafting show for kids, but you will also have plenty of shows to binge-watch, from The Big Bang Theory to Friends. That isn’t even to mention all of the movies that are available for subscribers. If you already subscribe to HBO, you will have access to Max already.

If you aren’t yet connected to HBO, you can get your own subscription for $14.99 per month. They offer a seven-day free trial, just in case you’re on the fence.

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