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We all have different goals in life but they often focus on where we live and our comfort level. For some people, a large home with plenty of luxury is the goal, and for others, they aim for a simplified lifestyle. In fact, the
“tiny home” trend shows us just how far people are able to take it, with some living their life in a 140 square foot space.

Of course, those are only some of the many options we have available and for some, it is a matter of making home exactly the way they want to make it. Perhaps they may even convert something they own into a home in some way or another. It sounds strange, but when it is done properly, it can be an amazing thing to behold. I think that is how you are going to feel when you see what one couple was able to do with an old bus.

What comes to your mind when you think about someone living in a bus? More than likely, you don’t have the best image in your mind. For the couple we are highlighting below, however, it was exactly what they needed. They loved to travel and dreamed of life on the road, so they decided to take home along with them. They took a school bus and converted it into their traveling domicile.

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It may have started out as a big yellow bus, but when they were finished, it was something quite different. They took the shape of the bus, hollowed it out, and now we all want one. That is obvious when you see how popular it became after they posted it on Reddit.

The driver’s seat was left in place for obvious reasons, but from there, they put in everything but the kitchen sink. Then again, they did include the kitchen sink. In fact, everything that is needed for a comfortable life is included but it is in a space that is conveniently cozy.

If you are ready to see what can be done with a school bus and a desire to travel, we have the video to show you. Check it out below. If you aren’t careful, you may just hear the open road calling your name as well.

Life on a road from Thatsactuallyverycool