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Costco has no shortage of fans and for good reason. It is one of the happiest places on Earth. Where else can you go and receive the type of amazing deals that they have to offer you? Their bakery section is to die for, and we love having the ability to shop in bulk. The Costco food court also has its fair share of fans. It can be accessed by anyone, even if you do not have a membership.

Unfortunately, it is our sad duty to inform you that this joyride is now coming to a close. Apparently, the non-Costco members are going to lose their access within about a month or so. This is horrible news for those who enjoy the cheap eats. The ban is going to start on March 16, 2020.

Instagram account @costcodeals posted the news, and the comments on the post are absolutely hilarious. People are mourning the impending loss in all sorts of ways. The cheap pizza and hot dogs are one of the main reasons to go to Costco in the first place, right?

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⚡️UPDATE: THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! May still vary per store and roll out date may vary as well… . 🤔Received a ton of DMs on this today…and need some #Costco Employees to chime in and confirm or deny and let us know if this is true or not and if true be nationwide? . 🌭🍕To us it makes complete sense! Not sure why it’s taken Costco so long to implement…I mean you have to have a membership for gas….Any employees out there that can help clarify this?😍

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The customers who do not have memberships that like to stop by the food court probably feel jilted. Some might point out the fact that they are turning all of this money away.

As for Costco themselves? They seem pretty confident that these people will turn around and purchase a membership instead. Meanwhile, there are paying members who are fully on board with this.

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If there's a Costco run to be executed, there will always be a slice of Costco pizza involved. Always! The crust is a bit chewy, but done well to support the sauce and cheese. Can't beat this $1.99 deal! 🙌 #pizza #🍕 #Costco #costcopizza #dontjudge #cheapbutgood #cheapeats #galllonsizedmayo #bulkshopping #sliceofjoy #cheesepizza

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“As a paying member I support this,” said one of these commentators. In case you were wondering, this has been confirmed for all Costco locations. Those who are looking to enjoy everything that the food court has to offer will have to purchase a membership.

This is a policy that has been in place at various Costco locations for some time now. The company is now deciding to put them into place at every store. In the meantime, if you don’t have a membership, plan on getting all of the pizza and hot dogs your heart desires before March 16th rolls around!

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