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Everyone loves Costco – it’s got everything you could possibly need all in a one-stop shopping destination. While it’s known for having all sorts of wonderful amenities, the one thing it’s best known for is its food court as well as its many free samples.

The whole reason Costco is a fun shopping experience is because of these free samples. Everyone loves snacking while they shop. Sadly, because of the pandemic, these food services have had to temporarily stop. But there is some good news – they’re going to be making a comeback.

Photo: flickr/Panegyrics of Granovetter

While Costco had to close down their food amenities at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they still had their food court open and operating as a takeaway option for their pizza and hotdogs. But limiting their menu meant that they were still able to keep drive-through options well-organized and fast-paced takeout options.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

However, over the summer, they were slowly able to begin adding back other favorites to their menus, such as the chicken bake and smoothies.

Photo: flickr/Guy K

Speaking to CNN, Richard Galanti, the Chief Financial Officer for Costco, said, “It’s going to take some time. The food courts work. They’re one of the things we’re known for. We’re pleased that they’re coming back.”

While Costco is slowly beginning to open its food court back up – as much as local regulations allow – there is still the question about the samples. But there is good news for that as well.

Photo: flickr/Naoto Sato

There will be a plexiglass barrier in all sample stations going forward, and if you’re wondering what will be first to be featured as samples? Well, Galanti said that we can look forward to their breakfast sandwiches, noodle dishes, and meatballs.

Who else is excited for Costco’s food samples to return? Let us know!

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