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Cooking is something most of us probably take for granted. After all, eating takeout usually sounds like a better, easier option. But for those who struggle to cook due to circumstances beyond their control, being able to safely cook a meal can be a game-changer.

People who are visually impaired or blind generally find it challenging to cook. Navigating sharp knives and hot stoves without vision can be dangerous, especially since most cooking tools are designed for those who can see.

Photo: flickr/Ben Churchill

Thankfully, designer Kevin Chiam recently launched a cooking line designed with the blind in mind called Folks Kitchenware.

The goal of his cooking tools is to simplify food preparation for the blind, as well as the visually impaired.

Photo: YouTube/Kevin c c

He shared in a video, “Cooking is a challenging ritual for the visually impaired due to the lack of sensory references. To overcome the steep learning curve, ‘folks’, a series of familiar kitchen tools, leverages on natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues such that they can prepare.”

As part of his line, he created a chopping board that comes with modular trays that make the transportation of food easier. The knives have retractable guards, and the stove rings offer up the perfect protection, offering safe and easy recognition of the burner boundaries. The pot lids are also flexible, which makes them much simpler to grab for a visually impaired chef.

Photo: YouTube/Kevin c c

The blind and the visually impaired deserve to prepare their food with dignity. It can be hard for these groups to prepare meals independently and this is something that Chiam is acutely aware of.

If you would like to see a video demonstration of how these products work, check out CNA Insider’s video below:

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