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Starbucks is great, but there are plenty of people online who’ve taken the recipes to the next level with a bunch of menu “hacks” in order to get the most out of their caffeine mix. This has led to a secret menu being an open secret amongst those who like Starbucks.

Thanks to a secret menu hack, you can enjoy a cookies and cream cold brew made from cold brew coffee and mocha, which is then topped off with a cookie crumble. Sounds fun, right?

Photo: Unsplash

While you can’t walk in and ask for a cookies and cream cold brew, you can give your barista a certain set of instructions in order to get your desired caffeine fix.

And thanks to TikTok savvy Starbucks lovers, we now have all the tools to order the cookies and cream cold brew.

Photo: TikTok / starbucksisbae

First, you start off asking for a sweet cream cold foam cold brew – but ask for slightly less vanilla and ask for white mocha to be added. Then, you will have to request that the cold foam have a little mocha added, as well as a sprinkling of mocha cookie crumble on the top of it.

Sounds delicious, right?


The Cookies and Cream Cold Brew 🍪 #baristarecipes #starbuckssecretmenu #starbucks #starbucksisbae #starbucksdrinks #barista #cookiesandcream

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But that isn’t the only secret menu hack. There is also a Wonder Woman-inspired Frappuccino that you can try ordering.

This secret menu item uses the strawberry crème Frappuccino as the base, but then you add certain substitutes like caramel drizzle and white mocha. In fact, you can watch the explanation in the clip below:


The Wonder Woman Frappuccino ♥️ #baristarecipes #starbuckssecretmenu #starbucks #starbucksisbae #starbucksdrinks #barista #wonderwoman

♬ Wonder Woman Main Theme – Tina Guo

What makes this particular Wonder Woman drink so fun is that it has absolutely no coffee – making it a great drink for kids.

Photo: TikTok / starbucksisbae

While there are many cool hacks online of how to come up with different drinks at Starbucks, the coffee chain has come out with its own new recipes that are on their regular menu. Some of these include a pistachio latte that you can get either hot, iced, or blended, as well as a honey almond milk cold brew.

Perhaps the best thing is that Starbucks has brought back its Red Velvet loaf again – everyone rejoice!

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