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Marriage proposals are one of the easiest ways to get the internet talking, as everyone is sure to chime in on what they see.

This man’s marriage proposal was particularly divisive. In fact, it has a number of internet users wondering if they would actually have said yes to it. Once you have had the chance to see it for yourself, you will understand exactly where everyone is coming from.

Photo: Pexels/Jesus Arias

It is easy to place yourself in the bride’s shoes on this one. When Erica Murphy shared a photo of the proposal on Twitter last week, she never could have predicted the online firestorm that would erupt as a result of her post. She received a beautiful diamond ring and there was a note attached that read: “Will you marry me?”

“So it’s been an amazing year with my guy,” she wrote alongside the photo. “This morning before I left for work he left this in the bathroom for me to find. I said YES! #FutureMrsHomes.” She works as a journalist for Atlanta, Georgia’s 11Alive. The ring was found while she was in the process of getting ready for work one morning.

“He had also flown into ATL from Detroit to propose bc this was the weekend of our 1 year anniversary,” she elaborated in the comments. Monta Homes’ proposal seemed to work just fine for Erica but the rest of the internet was not so sure. The outpouring of negative reactions was so strong, the story even made its way to the Shade Room.

Once a story has made it to the Shade Room, you know that people are really talking about it. Of course, there were those who let it be known that they would never accept such a proposal. Meanwhile, others defended Monta.

“Y’all so use to these proposals made for social media…. How y’all think proposals went before,” one Twitter user said. “That’s HER MAN and SHE SAID YES. I love that for them.”

As for the future Mrs. Homes? She seems happy with the proposal.

What do you think of this proposal? Would you have said yes or did you find it to be tacky? Be sure to share away as soon as possible…