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If you spend any time on TikTok and/or YouTube these days (and who doesn’t?), you have probably noticed that the home tour video has become a genre unto itself. People are simply so proud to show off their homes and the interior decoration, we can’t help but watch these videos ourselves.

Trey Kennedy is a comedian who knows just how these home tours go. In fact, he was so familiar with them, he decided to do a parody and it’s spot on!

Photo: YouTube/Trey Kennedy

The tour is done in a fun and exaggerated way, as Trey pokes fun at the suburban housewives of the world who love to make these clips.

Kennedy decided to play the character of a woman named Donna for the video. He’s got the mannerisms and the facial expressions all down pat, and really emphasizes the affirmations and signs that these homes tend to have, as their owners tend to be quite proud of the ones that they have chosen.

Photo: YouTube/Trey Kennedy
Photo: YouTube/Trey Kennedy

“Hi, I’m Donna, and welcome to my suburban home. come on in. I’d love to give you tour of my home today. I’m not an interior designer but I did decorate it so you be the judge. Follow me and just know my look was kind of like farmhouse meets second-grade classroom. I think you’re gonna love it,” said Trey.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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