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TikTok has brought us many different trends. One of the latest is that of the color personality test. Who knew that you could use color to determine what kind of personality someone might have?

Well, apparently you can, and there have been plenty of TikTok videos that have explored this latest trend.

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According to videos, everyone’s personality can be broken down into a combination of four colors. Besides being matched with a color aesthetic, the personality test also provides quite in-depth insight into what these different personality traits mean. Some of these details are actually quite nice-sounding, just like the color names.


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♬ original sound – Gerald Martin

If you’ve watched any of these videos you may be curious as to where you can access the personality test. Well, you are in luck as it happens to be listed on When completing the quiz, you will be asked a series of questions that range from general topics such as your friendship tendencies.


saw @amphie__ do this and i had to try. bit disappointed it wasnt some sort of green #personalcolortest #personality #personalcoloranalysis

♬ original sound – Gerald Martin

Some of them can also be quite specific, such as how you go about planning for a vacation. Once you’ve made your way through all the questions, you will then be given your color, as well as a detailed analysis of your color personality.

Photo: ktestone

If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’ll be happy to know that your analysis even includes information on which colors you’re compatible with!

Wondering what your color personality might be? click here to find out! Of course, don’t forget to jump on the TikTok train with your results and include the #ColorPersonalityAnalysis hashtag on TikTok so others can see.

Let us know if you’ll be doing this!

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