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Most of the time I’m a water-only kind of girl. But every so often, it’s nice to bend the rules and go for something more sugary to drink.

Let’s be honest, a refreshing can of Coke or other sugary drink can hit the spot. But for those of us who are rather fond of certain sodas or juices might want to be a little cautious as the FDA has announced a recall on three different “Minute Maid” products.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

According to Food Safety News, all of these items were distributed through the states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, and New Jersey.

The full list of recalled items is as follows:

Berry Punch – Date codes Jan0422 NP and Jan0522 NP, Batch 0010323455 and 0010259344 (recall F-0276-2022)
Strawberry Lemonade – Date code: Jan0322 NP, Batch: 0010259346 (recall F-0277-2022)
Fruit Punch – Date Code: JAN0522 NP Batch: 0010323454 (recall F-0278-2022)


Beyond Minute Maid, Coca-Cola also issued a recall on some its additional products last month, including the following:

Coca-Cola 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B
Coca-Cola 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM C
Sprite 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B

Photo: Pixabay/Dim Hou

All products have an expiration date of 2022. Therefore, if any of your recent purchases line up with these corresponding product numbers you are urged to get rid of them immediately. You can either just toss them out, or if you want to, you can turn them in for a refund.

Regarding the reason for the recall, the official explanation, as per Food Safety News, was as follows: “The Coca Cola Company is recalling certain Minute Maid products because of the potential of foreign objects, specifically metal bolts or washers.”

That sounds quite terrifying and absolutely unappetizing. Do you live in one of the affected states? Let us know!