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Anyone who’s birthday falls during the months of March and April are definitely experiencing quite the streak of bad luck in terms of celebration options. There aren’t a whole lot of options when you’re on lockdown because of a global COVID-19 pandemic. However, people are persistent and there are a lot of creative people out there trying their best to come up with ways around the birthday celebration hiccup without breaking social distancing guidelines.

And we’re glad because the results are fantastic. Take this guy’s 21st birthday celebration, for example, where his parents went all out trying to give him the best 21st birthday experience by bringing a night out on the town into their home. These parents went all out in terms of creativity by turning their garage into a night club – complete with the free birthday shots. It’s so adorable, you can’t help but smile.

TikTok user @emilytorchia posted videos of the birthday celebration set up by her parents for her brother. The first video featured her brother getting his ID checked at the “club’s” entrance – perhaps the biggest rite of passage when you turn 21. Of course, this is just their father doing a flashlight inspection. Afterward, the birthday boy is ushered inside where he is greeted by blaring music and lights and a bartender – who is also his mother. The bartender then proceeds to concoct some free green tea birthday shots consisting of whiskey, Peach Schnapps, sour mix, and lemonade or Sprite.

Photo: TikTok/emilytorchia

The fun didn’t stop there, the night even included a celebrity appearance by non-other than Justin Bieber! Or at least his cardboard cutout body double.

While it may have been a lockdown club, we hope that the birthday boy enjoyed himself and appreciated all the effort his family put in to make it as special as possible for him. That being said, we also hope there was plenty of pain killers for the next morning!

Watch the video below:

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