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This 55-year-old woman experienced quite a surprise recently and we are so happy to share this story with our readers.

You would think that you would be done having children naturally once you hit the age of 55 but that’s where miracles come into play. Brazilian actress Claudia Raia found out that she was pregnant last year and as you would imagine, it was quite a shock to her.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons License: CC BY 3.0

She had last conceived 20 years ago and had to rightfully have assumed she was done. Enzo Celulari, 25, and Sophia Raia, 20, are her children from her previous marriage. Little did we know, she is actually a household name back in Brazil. Now, she has given birth to Luca and the world is fully enraptured with her story.

It is easy to see why. No one would ever think that a 55-year-old would manage to have a safe and successful birth naturally. She and fellow performer and husband Jarbas Homem de Mello are more than happy to welcome little Luca.

We wish them all of the best, of course. They have been married for about five years now. Claudia’s response to the pregnancy news was absolutely hilarious.

“When the doctor asked me for a beta, the pregnancy blood test, I said, ‘Baby, you’re really crazy. Where did you get this from? I’m 55 years old’ I went to the pharmacy, bought the Clearblue, I couldn’t stand it. Because I said ‘I have to take the test’ – a test that everyone does – what is this, I’m going to wait a day and a half for a blood test to come? I can’t stand it. Then I took the test and it came back more than three weeks pregnant. I said, ‘it can not be. Guys, I’m 55-years-old,” she shared, according to The Sun.

Initially, the couple had been told that they had no hope of having a baby. They tried to use the IVF method but no embryos ever formed.

Later, she was told that she was actually ovulating again and that she should take care not to become pregnant. It was not long after that the big news arrived. Of course they were more than happy to share photos on Instagram as well.

“Our dream to be parents is nothing new! And didn’t it come true? Me and [Jarbas Homem de Mello] are pregnant!” she shared, per the outlet. We are so happy for the couple. All of the best to them and baby Luca on their new journey!