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You don’t need anyone to tell you that inflation is out of control.

In October, it hit a level of 7.7%, and it seems as if the pine trees that will be adorning our homes are not out of the woods, so to speak.

Photo: Pexels/Tim Mossholder

If you buy a Christmas tree for your family every year, you should expect to pay as much as 6% more this year according to a survey by the Real Christmas Tree Board. That’s a big number, but some Christmas tree growers said that they plan on increasing the prices by up to 20%.

It may also help to shop around since 2% of Christmas tree growers said that they are not going to increase their prices. Of course, with the price of gas, it can be difficult to save money if you are driving from one location to another.

Photo: Pexels/NastyaSensei

Christmas trees have been hit hard in many regions due to wildfires and drought. There may not be the quality of Christmas trees and variety that we saw in previous years, but two out of three Christmas tree growers expect all of their trees will be gone that are harvested this year.

That number is rather large, with up to 30 million real Christmas trees being sold in the United States every year. There are also many people who opt for an artificial tree, which probably came from China.

Photo: Pexels/Any Lane

In the end, it is really up to you whether you are saving money or doing the right thing by purchasing an artificial Christmas tree.

If you want the real nostalgia and the real smell, however, there is nothing quite like a real Christmas tree to give it to you.