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It would seem that 66-year-old Christie Brinkley is never going to age. The model shared a photo of herself in a bikini while on vacation in the Caribbean, and it wowed the internet. The stunning tropical beach backdrop had nothing on her as she showed off some very toned abs in a black bikini.

Brinkley is no stranger to showing off her age-defying beauty. She’s also been quite vocal about how exactly she keeps in shape – attributing it to a healthy, vegetarian diet. She’s also quite the gym bunny and enjoys both cardio and strength training.

Photo: Instagram / christiebrinkley

However, back in 2018 she had to cut back a bit on the high-impact exercise seeing as she suffered a few injuries. She shared with The Cut that she still does her best to get in regular exercise, and she does so with her Total Gym exercise machine – a brand that she is a spokesperson for. Besides this, she also enjoys taking spin classes.

As she said before to Women’s Health, “I love spin instructors. Sometimes you need a little drill sergeant to inspire you and keep you going.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But it’s not just intense workouts that she likes. As she has previously stated to The Cut, even small bits of movement throughout the day can help to keep her body feeling toned. She has said, “Whether it’s walking down the beach and moving your arms like you’re swimming, or picking up rocks and walking with them, you really start sweating and breathing heavily. The second you try to adjust those teeny changes, they make a huge difference.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Her efforts to strike a balance between healthy living and occasionally treating herself has clearly paid off in terms of her looks. Her Instagram followers have also noticed, and her post was full of comments from people who were impressed by how she has managed to keep the age away. One of her followers said she was a constant inspiration, while someone else told her that she looks “amazing.” We all wish we could look this great at 66!

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