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Even if you are someone who does not consider yourself to be a huge fan of sports in general, the Olympics are the sort of event that is hard to ignore. The qualifying trails are happening as we speak and viewers are getting themselves fully invested in the road ahead.

In the area of track and field, there is one particular athlete who caught many people’s eyes and the reasoning is a bit different than you might have expected. While Christina Clemons was qualifying for the Olympics, she wore Cool Ranch Doritos earrings.

Photo: Instagram/shethemanning

Now that she has made her way through the qualifiers, she is going to be headed to the Olympics for the first time ever. She shared photos from the moment she learned the news on Instagram saying, “Those who hope in the Lord…….I’M AN OLYMPIAN YALL.”

Photo: Instagram/

In the photos, you can see the tiny Cool Ranch Dorito bags hanging from her ears.

Clemons has been gunning for a spot on Team USA since 2012, competing in the trials for the 100-meter hurdle team. Clemons is definitely fast but that did not stop people from being able to notice her dangling pair of mini Cool Ranch Doritos chips. We love Doritos as much as anyone but this is a true boss move.

So why did Christina choose this particular accessory? She explained the rationale recently on her Instagram story and we are beyond charmed. “I love Doritos, so why not? And they match my uniform and my husband calls me Dorito because I have broad shoulders and small hips so it was just fitting,” she said. Well, when you put it like that, it makes perfect sense!

Photo: Instagram/shethemanning

Christina also considers them to be a bit of a good luck charm, which is also very understandable.

The earrings caught so much attention, that Doritos actually released a Cool Ranch Clemons bag, which Clemons shared photos of on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/shethemanning

How cool is that?

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