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What was once a popular meme has now become a part of our everyday existence. Chipotle has even issued a statement about the matter that made us chuckle.

In a press release, the company claims that 4 to 14% of the population is genetically wired to experience a soapy flavor when they consume cilantro.

Photo: Pixabay/ReStyled Living

We do not happen to fall in the 4 to 14% who experience this phenomenon but we are going to go ahead and take their word for it on this one.

You wouldn’t normally think of cilantro as something that could start a debate but the internet has been going back and forth on this contested ingredient for quite some time now.

Photo: Pixabay/phuong hoang thuy

Chipotle has been having a lot of fun with the conversation, taking time out to chime in through their official Twitter account.

“A moment of silence for the people who think cilantro tastes like soap,” they tweeted. That’s not all they had to say, either. “Not liking cilantro is something you should try keeping to yourself,” Chipotle added. Of course, the Twitter sphere had a big laugh over their gentle mockery:

“Our Cilantro Soap plays into a larger trend of turning digital moments into real-life experiences,” Chipotle’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt said in the press release. “Every Chipotle fan, regardless of which side of the great cilantro debate they’re on, can appreciate this fan-inspired gift.” It does not matter which side of the conversation that you find yourself on either.

This gift is too funny to put into words. It’s the perfect gag gift for anyone who claims that the ingredient tastes like soap to them. In fact, we might just shave off a few pieces to see if our friends and loved ones can tell the difference. All jokes aside, we love this company for catering to the jokey types in their audience. It is always nice to see brands that do not take themselves too seriously.

We do regret to inform our readers that the bars of soap have already sold out, though. Anyone who did not get their hands on one during the initial launch will have to keep a close eye on the Chipotle Goods page in the meantime.

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