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These yummy treats might not be everyday dishes, but wow do they bring back the memories! And, they’re fun to make, too. Keep reading for more of our favorite childhood treats.

5) Rice Krispie Treats

A favorite that you sometimes just get a real hankerin’ for, rice krispy treats are one of the staples of birthday parties and potlucks that we remember fondly. Get the recipe here if you don’t already have your favorite version handy.

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6) Buckeyes

Not everyone grew up with buckeyes, but these have a twist- they’re cookie dough buckeyes! These were two of our favorite things growing up! Check it out right here.

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7) Pigs in a Blanket

While most of us are familiar with the pigs in a blanket that use canned biscuits or crescent rolls, we all know that many foods just taste better from scratch.

This recipe calls for the dough to be made from scratch, but thankfully it looks like an easy one!

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8) No-bake Cookies

These were a staple of kid cuisine and they’re so delicious! Much better than a regular oatmeal cookie, these stovetop cookies are a kind of magic.

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9) Hello Dollies

A yummy layered blend of chocolate and pecans and graham crackers- what not’s to love? This childhood classic is still a winner.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down culinary memory lane! For more great recipes from the past be sure to check out these quintessential 1970s recipes!