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If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m actually an American expat living in Ireland. While I love my life here, there is one thing from home that I’ll always ask for in my care packages: Cheez-Its.

The crackers pair quite nicely with peanut butter, fruit, or just by themselves. They’re the perfect snack for late nights writing, lazy Saturday afternoons marathoning LOTR for the billionth time, or just eating quickly on the go.

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The humble Cheez-It is a classic snack. They’ve been around a while, and it sounds like it’s high time that they get the recognition that they deserve.

For those who love Cheez-Its, get ready for some cheesy-themed merch! CheezItHQ.com is the company’s online store which launched in order to bring us all kids of cheesy goodies. There are wearable Cheez-It items such as argyle socks with the cracker’s pattern on them, a beanie, a fanny pack, a kitchen apron, and of course, an orange and red hoodie.

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In terms of other items you might like, they’ve also got the ultimate goodie pack which is their Cheez-It Super Toasty Bundle. This consists of a Cheez-It onesie, socks, and a blanket – all for the price of $139.99. With fall around the corner, we can only imagine it’ll be a favorite amongst die-hard Cheez-It fans.

If you’re not looking to wear your Cheez-It pride, they’ve also got other items such as a koozie or a dual wine sleeve. They also have a wine tumbler, and of course, there is also a fleece blanket, perfect for those movie nights on the couch.

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The site is also offering an exclusive limited-edition Cheez-It Extra Toasty Superfan 4-Pack. This comes either as the original extra toasty flavor, a cheddar jack flavor, an extra cheesy flavor, or an extra spicy flavor.

Learn more at Cheeze-It HQ or follow them on Instagram.

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