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Cheesey Korean Hotteok (Potato Pancakes)

Light, delicate, but filled with ooey gooey cheese.

Cheesy Korean Hottoek Potato Pancakes

Even though potatoes were once only found in the New World, today you’d be hard pressed to find an area of the world that doesn’t enjoy these starchy and moldable spuds. From South Korea comes this recipe for cheesy potato pancakes that is truly mouthwatering.

This type of potato pancake is both sweet and savory since there is a little bit of sugar in the dough. However, the flavors compliment each other well and the result is a snack that’s unlike most potato dishes in the U.S. In South Korea these potato pancakes are served at street vendors as convenient hand-held foods that one can eat on the go. The crispy outside and delicate inside are irresistibly delicious.

Cheesy Korean Hottoek Potato Pancakes

To begin making this dish boil peeled and cubed Russet potatoes until fork tender. It’s best to use a starchier potato for this recipe than a waxy one. Once the potatoes are drained mash them well along with salt, pepper, and sugar. You don’t want any lumps at all since this can affect the texture.

Next add rice flour and mix well. This ingredient helps to keep the pancakes together. Then form into 5-7 patties. This will vary based on how large your potatoes are.

Place cheese in the center of each patty and then form the rest of the dough around the cheese. Flatten again if your patties have become too bulbous.

Cheesy Korean Hottoek Potato Pancakes

Fry these pancakes in hot oil until they become golden on each side. The cheese inside should be melted during the frying process, resulting in a lovely, stringy cheese filling.

Serve these potato pancakes immediately. For dipping that traditional sauce is called gochujang. If you cannot find this Korean sauce then sweet Thai chili sauce (like Mae Ploy) works well for this purpose. Or you can make some spicy ketchup by mixing some Sriracha sauce in with your Heinz. Whether you dip these hotteok in sauce or have them plain, they are a great treat that you can make at home in no time.

Cheesy Korean Hottoek Potato Pancakes

We love that this dish is economical and you could even use leftover mashed potatoes for these pancakes so that nothing goes to waste. This is now the go-to potato pancake recipe in my house!

Makes 5-7 pancakes

5m prep time

20m cook time

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Rated by 4 reviewers
  • 2 Russet potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 Tbsp rice flour
  • 1 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 4 Tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 Tbsp granulated sugar
  1. Boil the potatoes until fork tender. Drain potatoes and combine in large bowl with salt, pepper, and sugar.
  2. Mash potatoes until no lumps remain. Add rice flour to potatoes and combine well.
  3. Form into 5-7 patties (number will vary based on size of potatoes). Flatten each one out and then fill with cheese. Gently fold the edges of the pancake around the cheese and flatten slightly.
  4. Heat oil over low-medium heat. Fry each pancake until they become golden. Flip and repeat for other side of each pancake. Remove to paper towel once done to absorb excess oil.
  5. Serve while piping hot with ketchup or gochujang to dip the pancakes in.

Recipe adapted from Yummy Tummy.

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