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Everyone loves a good charcuterie board at any time of year, but there is something particularly satisfying about sharing a charcuterie board with friends over the holidays. Of course, this year is different as we can’t gather together and partake in the same merriment as before, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make our own at home with our household.

In order to make it more festive, there is a new social media trend that is taking the classic appetizer to the next leave: That is, the charcuterie wreath trend – which looks insanely gorgeous as well as delicious!

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The principle of the charcuterie board remains the same in that it includes your choice of crackers, cheeses, and meats, all interspersed with smaller nibbles like fruit, nuts, olives, jams, and honey. However, the difference is that you can arrange the ingredients into a circle and make it look like a wreath.

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Yes, it might take a little more effort than a regular charcuterie board, but it certainly looks worth it! And the #charcuteriewreath hashtag is really beginning to take over the Instagram foodie scene as more people seem to be getting into the spirit of the holidays with their food.

While most just consist of your usual charcuterie items, there have been some that go the extra step to add leaves or herb sprigs in order to give it more of a wreath-like appearance. They are just so pretty to look at!

Check out some of them below:

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Who wants to make one for the holidays? Let us know!

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