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If you are anything like us, the process of changing your duvet cover is one of the single most annoying household tasks that you have to tackle on a regular basis.

It is one of the most tedious things that we have to do. There are few words that we could use to express our annoyance at the task and we are here to assure you, a lot of them are not printable. After all, we pride ourselves on keeping things as squeaky clean as possible!

Photo: Instagram/@ruesaint

All jokes aside, this couple’s hack is one for the ages. If you would like to see how they go about making this task easier than ever before, it is well worth your time to watch the video that they have been gracious enough to provide.

They know that it is a job that the average person dreads greatly but that’s why they are here to make sure that we are all given the chance to enjoy the ease of use that this hack provides. We have a theory as to why this job is so unbelievably frustrating. In most instances, you are not going to be changing the duvet cover until it is time for bed anyway.

Photo: Instagram/@ruesaint

Since you are already exhausted to begin with, it significantly lessens the amount of patience that people have when the big moment arises. We are going to be honest with you, though. This video makes things seem very simple and it makes us feel a bit embarrassed that we have managed to struggle so much for all of these years.

To get started on their hack, you will need a duvet cover (of course) and another willing participant. This is the part where those who live alone are probably wondering what they have been done to be punished like this.

Photo: Instagram/@ruesaint

From there, you put the duvet cover over the head of the person that you are collaborating on this seemingly impossible task with.

They must put their arms out when the duvet cover is over their head as well. The person on the inside must grab the corners next. The person who isn’t inside throws the cover over their head and gravity handles the next. It is truly that easy.

Check out the hack for yourself in the video below: