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Since we have been spending a lot of time inside over the past year or so, we have developed some new and interesting habits. For starters, we are fairly obsessive about burning candles now. There’s just something about it that is very soothing. We never understood the hype before but now we are fully on board. Unfortunately, we are not always fans of the more floral scents that most people favor.

When we go candle shopping, we are looking for something a bit more unique in nature. No one wants to buy the same candles that a bunch of other people already have. We like to buy candles that speak to us on a more personal level. As always, the good folks over at Etsy have got you covered when you are in the shopping process.

Photo: Etsy/BecksHandmadeCoUS =

Did you know that there a wide range of sellers who actually make their own candles that are designed to look like cereal bowls? It might sound far-fetched to some but trust us….they are real and they are wonderful! We have seen a lot of obscure concepts on Etsy over the past year or so but this one takes the cake.

Photo: Etsy/MagicalDesignsGiftCo

As you might have expected, we came across these candles for the first time when we were perusing the world of TikTok. In order to make the candles, a glass cereal bowl is used, which makes them a bit larger than typical candles. On the other hand, anyone who is looking for more wax to burn is sure to be in heaven.

Photo: Etsy/MagicalDesignsGiftCo

No one wants to be stuck replacing their candles on a weekly basis. The candle wax is white like the milk in your cereal and there are even real silver spoons included. The wax is also filled with colorful pieces that look like all of your favorites, such as Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Cheerios! Most of the candles are in the $25 range, but you can search on Etsy and see the exact price for the candle you like best!

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