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If you are anything like us, you have seen the apartment tours that social media “influencer” types and celebrities like to give. Of course, they’re usually fun to watch, even though we don’t personally know the celebrity in question at all. They give us such an intimate peek into the lives of our favorite idols!

Claire McFadden is a comedian and no stranger to apartment tours. In fact, she recently shared her own apartment tour, but it wasn’t like the kind that celebrities and influencers typically do. Instead, she added her comedic twist and made a tour so brutally honest it’s hard not to laugh.

Photo: YouTube/bonkey

“Thanks for watching my Apartment Tour! This is what they’re like! I love my subscribers– that means you!– and I will never know your name or see your face. If you approached me on the street, I’d be awkward and afraid,” she says in the video description.

Claire captures the essence of the apartment tour videos so well, you would think that she makes them herself. The facial expression that she has on for the “this is my kitchen!” bit is priceless.

Photo: YouTube/bonky

The part where she’s sitting at the table dramatically sipping a beverage is spot on, too. They pan around the chicken and allow us to see all of her normal, mundane kitchenware as well. Of course, when she claims that she is “super into cooking,” we are treated to a shot of her chowing down on avocados. For some odd reason, that has become the favorite food of many, many influencers.

Photo: YouTube/bonky

We aren’t about to spoil the rest of the video for you, but if you have spent any time online and stumbled across a celebrity apartment tour, you are sure to get some belly laughs out of this one.

Watch the “apartment tour” below:

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