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This story takes place in Worcestershire, England, where a man took a look at a 700-year-old sandstone cave and saw something few others could see.

While most people simply see an old cave, he saw an opportunity to create an excellent home for himself. The sandstone cave would not seem to be an obvious choice for such an endeavor but he’s making it work.

Photo: YouTube/truly

The cave has actually been used in a similar manner before. According to Truly, it was once utilized by monks, as a place to handle their meditation. That’s a ringing endorsement if we ever heard one. In case you are imagining a sparsely decorated cave, this man (who is named Angel Mastropietro) has managed to create a home that is fully modernized.

The idea of being able to turn a cave into a modernized home might seem far fetched to some but Angel has managed to turn that fantasy into a reality.

Photo: YouTube/truly

There are no shortage of modern amenities as well. Mastropietro used to be a businessman but he has since made his way into other lines of work. According to Truly, he stumbled across the cave when he was taking a leisurely countryside stroll.

He started to think about ways that he could dress the cave up right there on the spot. The average person sees a cave and this man sees possibilities.

Photo: YouTube/truly

The space is unique to say the least and Angel knew that he had lots of options for a transformation. It cost him $230,000 and took three years but at long last he was able to make the cave into a viable home.

The cave is now a one-bedroom home and it has a fully functional kitchen. The rainforest shower is a great touch and yes, it is a walk-in. The outdoor kitchen terrace has us jealous as well.

Photo: YouTube/truly

The best part of all is that he was able to create a living space that truly stands out, while avoiding the temptation to strip the cave of all its natural beauty in the meantime.

The residence is equal parts spacious, inviting, and striking. If you would like to see more, Angel is more than happy to help you out thanks to the video below: