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For many folks who got married decades ago, the only wedding photos they had were snapped by family and friends. Even if there had been a professional photographer, there was a tradition of taking a lot fewer photos than people expect today. From the engagement photos to the getting ready to the ceremony and reception – today’s wedding photos attempt to capture a huge volume of memories. But, with so many of these photos staged and posed, they can often blend together. They could almost blend in with any other wedding for that matter. But, one wedding photographer in the U.K. only takes candid photos of the weddings he’s hired to shoot and the results are hilarious.

From funny faces to awkward moments, Ian Weldon snaps the little moments that make the day memorable for many. The mother of the bride sneaking a cigarette or a last minute ironing job on a dress can yield a world of expression that the standard wedding photography often fails to portray.

Weldon says that when people hire him he makes no bones about what he does. He tells them that if they want a portrait photographer they can choose from a long list of other, more qualified, professionals. But, if they want to get one-of-a-kind wedding pictures, then he’s the man to do it. When you think about what will be the most memorable events of the day, aside from the vows, it might just be that the wind blew away the bride’s vail or some other moment that might have been lost on a “regular” wedding photographer.

Have a closer look at this fun and unique concept in the video below.

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