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As more and more people look to bring back the fashions that they grew up on, it is hard to head to Target without feeling you have stepped back into the year 2000.

The TikTok that you are about to see takes that concept to a whole new level, though. She decided that she was going to film her Target run in the most ’90s-themed way possible.

Photo: TikTok/@harkeofficial

She grabbed a camcorder from the time period and started to film. Harke is the one who recorded it and she shared her results on her TikTok account (@harkeofficial). This is not the first outing that she has documented with the camcorder and we doubt that it is going to be the last, either.

The grainy zooms, the low picture quality, and faded colors, all of the hallmarks of classic ’90s viewing are all there. Once she stopped in with the vintage camera, we knew that we were in for a major treat.

Photo: TikTok/@harkeofficial

The fact that Target is selling so many items that are geared towards folks who lived through the time period only serves to add to the mystique.

Floral bucket hats have made their return, as well as spaghetti strap dresses. If you are someone who loves to rock bejeweled belts, this is your chance to return to the spotlight as well. It is your time now.

Photo: TikTok/@harkeofficial

“The fashion makes perfect sense when looked at through this camcorder,” she said and we could not agree with her assessment more.

“Something about zoom ins on a camcorder,” said one viewer. “Sooo the world didn’t change,” another one added. “The lense did.”


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♬ Never Let You Go (2006 Remaster) – Third Eye Blind

Of course, there were lots of people who were simply happy to experience the same old feelings that they used to enjoy. Nostalgia is a powerful drug for a reason. “Seeing all the y2k styles coming back makes this all the more comforting,” another viewer chimed in.

Another viewer cut straight to the core of the matter. “As a 33 y/o millennial, I miss the days I wasn’t filled with existential dread & exhaustion from just being alive,” they shared. This is a very relatable moment for us. Life was once a whole lot simpler but then we all had to grow up.