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Wedding rules and regulations are always going to be a hot topic, regardless of how much we may try to avoid these types of entanglements.

When the big day finally arrives, we have to respect the bride and groom’s wishes, even if we do not fully agree with them. What was supposed to be a day of wedded bliss became something else entirely for this seemingly well meaning bride.

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She ended up losing a friend over a plus one situation that went horribly awry. We will let the bride take the time to explain it to the audience. Social media is already destroying her over the decision but we will allow you to take in her words and decide for yourself whether she was in the right.

“Lost a 7+ year friendship over not inviting a [boyfriend] I never met,” Cora shared on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@corabrei

Cora is a 28 year old lifestyle and beauty influencer. She went on a TikTok rant that did not take long to go viral, as everyone who saw it seemed to want to weigh in on what was said. The confession was delivered on top of the Frequently Asked Questions page on her wedding website.

According to her site, no one would be allowed to bring their partner to the wedding unless they had followed the proper protocols. The person’s name would need to have been included on their Save Their Date card or on the formal invitation. Otherwise, there were not going to be any exceptions being made and this is where Cora decided to stand her ground.

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“Our wedding wedding felt so special and intimate knowing everyone there. It’s worth weeding people that aren’t interested in being part of your life, out,” Cora continued in her on screen text.

Meanwhile, social media was not pleased with her choice at all. “Pure INSANITY if you can’t bring your partner to a wedding if you’re not married,” said one appalled viewer.


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The blow back caused Cora to release a follow-up video. “It [was] just about [inviting] people who will be in our lives long-term,” she said in her second clip. “If I never met their boyfriend or their girlfriend, I did not feel comfortable inviting them.”

She did clarify in a comment that she allowed one friend to bring a plus-one who she’d never met before, but she didn’t allow her other friend the same courtesy which resulted in the ending of the friendship. At the end of the day, the rules are enforced at the bride’s discretion after all.

Where do you stand on this one? Was she right to react this way or was she totally in the wrong? This is one that you are definitely going to want to share!