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Thanks to social media, we have been treated to several videos where brides and bridesmaids alike are altering their dresses.

In many cases, they will decide to do so in the midst of the ceremony. This is hard for us to wrap our minds around. We were always raised to believe that these dresses were supposed to remain intact, especially for the price we pay.

Photo: TikTok/@emma.league

On the other hand, these dresses can typically be worn only once. Since they are not going to be able to be added to the daily wardrobe, this provides us with all sorts of opportunities. In most instances, these dresses are simply going to remain in the back of the closet anyway. That’s why so many have decided to take a totally different approach to the wedding proceedings.

These bridesmaids have taken to TikTok to show off their approach. They are taking scissors to their dresses and the results are an absolute must-see.

Photo: TikTok/@emma.league

They did not wait for the wedding to end. The dresses were cut in between the wedding itself and the reception, which is a sizable risk to take. Emma (@emma.league on TikTok) is the one who was willing to share this story.

She was one of many bridesmaids at this wedding. All of the women were clad in floor-length gowns. Each of them had side slits going up each leg. The maxi dresses did not remain that way for the entirety of the ceremony, though. Once the bridesmaids got through with cutting them, they became mini dresses and the transformation is absolutely incredible to witness.

Photo: TikTok/@emma.league

“I would’ve been the one bridesmaid to object bc there’s no chance I’d shave my legs knowing I was wearing a long dress,” one viewer remarked. Of course, everyone asked if they could see the end result of this decision. Emma was more than happy to provide them with the show that they wanted. Before anyone asks, the bride seemed to be perfectly fine with the choice that they made.

The last thing that anyone would want to do on a wedding day is upset the bride, so it is good to know that they did not make the wrong choice here. Meanwhile, the comment section had to admit that things turned out much more smoothly than they ever could have expected. “I was scared, but you all look so cute with them short,” said one viewer. If you would like to see these escapades for yourself, please be sure to check out Emma’s hilarious videos:


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