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Amber, age 44, is a single mother of 2 who beat breast cancer almost a decade ago. She says since then, she’s just been surviving. She didn’t want people to look at her differently or ask her a lot of questions.

Amber recently realized she had to start living her life again. In an emotional interview with Christopher Hopkins, AKA The Makeover Guy, she said, “It’s taken me this long to think, ‘I did survive. Cancer didn’t win. I deserve to feel like there’s more at the end of this journey.'”

She came into the salon for a makeover from the popular YouTuber and hairdresser extraordinaire, Christopher Hopkins. When asked what this makeover means to her, Amber said, “This is helping me take control back.”

Amber goes on to say she hasn’t cut her hair since it grew back from chemo nine years ago. Before that, she said she’s had long hair since she was just eight years old. Unlike a lot of people who have had long hair for most of their lives, Amber has no qualms parting with hers.

As she put it, “I’m good with anything. I’ve had long hair, I’ve had no hair, so anything is good.”

The result? Not only is Amber absolutely gorgeous inside and out, but you can almost feel her confidence and joy! Her smile is absolutely contagious!

Before the makeover, Amber said she wanted to have a little hope. When all is said and done, she said, “Of course I have hope! I mean, look at me! I’m back! I have so much potential. I feel like I can do anything.”

Amber gave a shoutout to her mother, who stuck by her throughout everything. She said she told her mom she didn’t see how anything could get better, and her mom told her firmly, “Yes, it can!” She goes on to say, “Change is so scary, but my mother was the kick in the pants I needed… I think it’s going to be a huge weight off her shoulders to know I’m in a better headspace.”

Get more of Amber’s story and see her before and after pics in the video below!

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