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Love it or hate it, candy corn is a classic candy that is here to stay. Of course, it is most commonly associated with the Halloween season.

That notorious yellow, orange, and white striped sugary triangle is most often seen on store shelves in October. But by November, you can still find some if you look hard enough.

Photo: flickr/Susan Bell

However, if you are having candy corn withdrawals, then you might find some comfort in the latest creation from the candy corn manufacturer, Brach.

The manufacturer really has blown people’s minds with its turkey dinner flavor. According to Texas Standard, they came out with candy corns that perfectly embody a whole turkey dinner!

Photo: flickr/Forsaken Fotos

Rather than your standard yellow, orange, and white stripes, these seasonal candy corns are relatively solid in color, but they vary in shades. The reason for this is because they’re supposed to each represent a different dish that is commonly found on the table at Thanksgiving dinner.

Therefore, you can expect such flavors like cranberry sauce, apple pie, and coffee…and then some other less than appetizing flavors like sage stuffing, green beans, gravy, and of course, turkey.

Photo: flickr/Forsaken Fotos

The 12-ounce bag of Brach’s turkey dinner candy corn is available for purchase on Amazon, and might be the perfect item to bring to Thanksgiving dinner if you never want to be invited ever again.

Would you ever try this special flavored candy corn? Do you like the regular candy corn? Let us know!

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