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The Glacier’s Edge Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Madison, Wisconsin has come up with one of the coolest advertisements for their organization that we have ever seen.

It came about as a collaboration with Lamar Advertising and is a sight to behold. This is one of the most clever recruiting billboards that you are going to lay eyes on.

Photo: Flickr/Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office License: CC BY 2.0

We are already grown up and it is making us want to join the Boy Scouts. That’s a testament to just how funny it is.

Boy Scouts regularly go on camping trips and these trips regularly require the children to do their business in the woods. This means that they need to know which leaves are safe to use for wiping purposes, as this billboard helpfully points out.


That’s a skill that the Boy Scouts are sure to learn if they enjoy, which is definitely a major selling point. Young people who join the Scouts get to learn all sorts of things that are going to help them in life and this is just one of them.

“Be on the lookout for this billboard to pop up in the next few weeks representing Scouting in Glacier’s Edge Council!” the Scouts shared on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Glacier’s Edge Council, BSA

We had no idea that there were different leaves that could actually be used as toilet paper, so this one comes as a surprise to us as well. Perhaps we are the ones who should be joining up! These are the types of advertisements that make us wish that we were young again. It has been so long since we had the chance to think about all things Boy Scouts.

For starters, who wouldn’t love having the chance to compete in the Pinewood Derby one last time? We know that we would love to take another shot at it. We weren’t able to come in first the last time that we competed, so this would be our chance to atone.