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You would have a hard time finding somebody that doesn’t enjoy free stuff and most people love to celebrate their birthday. Now you can combine both of them because there are certain loyalty programs or shops/restaurants that offer free things when your birthday rolls around every year.

Here are the top 10 freebies you can get.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts – The DD Perks program offers a free coupon to get a beverage of any size or type on your birthday. You have seven days to use the coupon once it is issued.

Photo: flickr/theimpulsivebuy

2. Panera Bread – Join the MyPanera program to get a special surprise when your birthday rolls around.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

3. Krispy Kreme – Join their rewards program to get a free doughnut coupon on your birthday every year. You also get a free doughnut for joining the program, so it’s like scoring twice.

Photo: flickr/Jlhopgood

4. Jamba Juice – This well-known juice company also offers a rewards program. You can get points every time you enjoy one of their drinks and, as long as you have 15 points, a free birthday juice or smoothie can be yours.

Photo: flickr/Victor Wong

5. Anthropologie – If you shop at this store regularly, you can get a special promotion for a discount on your birthday.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

6. Starbucks – As long as you are a rewards member, you can get a free beverage or food item every year on your birthday. They even email you a reminder so you don’t miss it.

Photo: Pixabay

7. Ulta – The Ultimates Rewards Program allows you to claim a special gift on your birthday. The gift does change every few months, so you never quite know what the surprise is going to be.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

8. Sephora – Do you feel like a Beauty Insider? You can join the community at Sephora and get some great savings on your birthday. A small birthday gift is available when you sign up, just ask an employee at the register for the options and select which one is best for you.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

9. CVS – You might not think about CVS when it comes to getting a freebie, but you do get $3 worth of ExtraCare bucks on your birthday when you’re a member.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

10. Godiva – The Godiva Rewards Club is a great opportunity to get a special birthday gift and it just might be some chocolate.

Photo: flickr/cacaobug
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