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If you have spent any time at all on Instagram lately, you have probably seen a number of different creative charcuterie boards. It’s so nice to see people turning their typical meat and cheese platters into something that is a bit more unique and creative.

Now, people are creating birthday charcuterie boards that are perfect for a celebration. Everyone loves a good birthday cake, of course, but these charcuterie boards take things to a whole new level. When you have a whole board (as opposed to a singular birthday cake), it offers a greater level of variety.

Whether you want to put together a board of your own or box them up for a friend’s special occasion, the possibilities are endless.

Check out some inspo from Instagram to get your creative juices flowing:

1. The HBD Platter

There’s no rule that says all of these boards have to be flat. This clever container is a great way to enhance someone’s birthday celebration, including your own.

Photo: Instagram/platteratx

2. The Sweet 18

Yes, we know that the 16th birthday is supposed to be the “sweet” one but this board is too cool to resist. Many of us will want to shape our boards like a number but getting them to line up precisely can be tough.

Photo: Instagram/

3. Best Wishes

This resourceful Texan has decided to spell out some birthday wishes with the use of wooden craft pieces. It’s such a good idea, we wish that we had thought of it ourselves!

Photo: Instagram/teampassionforprogress

4. Age Is Nothing But a Number!

This is the perfect idea for those who are not looking to purchase a board that aligns with the age in question. You can simply arrange the food in the shape of the new age and everything will be smooth sailing from there.

Photo: Instagram/abbeescharcuteries

5. Light on Celebration, Heavy on Food

As for this board, it’s a bit less birthday-centric. However, we can always appreciate a charcuterie board that has been maximized for space!

Photo: Instagram/thegatheringplatter

6. Too Pretty To Eat

The colors of the fruit, meats, and cheese really come together to create a plate that’s too pretty to eat! It looks like it’d taste amazing though.

Photo: Instagram/charcuteriebyamanda

7. Sweet and Savory

Who says cupcakes and crackers don’t go well together? When it comes to birthdays, anything goes.

Photo: Instagram/littlebitsandboards
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