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Although we may have had many toys when we were younger, it was often the stuffed animals that meant the most to us.

Those are the toys that we carried around with us constantly and we may have kept them until we were older. Honestly, some of us still have those stuffed animals as adults.


For a youngster named Ben, however, a gift he received was more than just getting a stuffed animal, he was getting something that was very familiar to him.

As he opened the box, he continued to repeat “wait, wait” as he ran down the hall and matched the new stuffed animal with a drawing made by his own hand.

Photo: Twitter/Fred Schultz

It’s a beautiful moment that we get to enjoy. For Ben, however, it’s a moment that really was a turning point.

You see, he draws Pokémon characters and this was one of his favorites. After being sent off to Budsies, it wasn’t long before the drawing became a three-dimensional plushy.

Photo: Piqsels

His reaction was shared on Twitter by Fred Schultz and it’s too sweet:

This is only one of the many different characters created by that company.

As you look down through the videos below, you get to see the moment that other children were overjoyed that one of their drawings came to life.