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Whenever new ice cream flavors make their way into the marketplace, we are always going to be excited. Call us crazy but there’s just something about taking home that fresh pint that will always resonate with us.

Ben and Jerry’s gets us the most excited of all because we know that the flavors they come up with are always going to be top-notch. They are one of the most trusted ice cream providers in the world for very good reason.

Photo: flickr/Matt Herzberger

Now, we are even more overjoyed than usual because of this new addition to the roster. The Change Is Brewing flavor is here and it is being sold on behalf of a very good cause.

The base is a cold brew coffee ice cream. According to them, it features “Fudge brownies, marshmallow swirls, and a movement to invest in Black communities instead of racist systems of policing.” It sounds delightfully gooey, that is for sure.

Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos

So what cause was this flavor unveiled in support of? Ben and Jerry’s is standing in solidarity with the People’s Response Act, a very important bill that aims to assist those who are affected by police violence.

A disproportionate amount of police violence is taking place against citizens who suffer from mental illness and additional health-related complications. Public safety needs to be re-imagined in a manner that is more inclusive. This is something that the good folks at Ben and Jerry’s strongly believe in and we also stand in support of them.


Movement for Black Lives is also collaborating with the ice cream giant, in addition to a wide range of other businesses. BLK and Bold is providing the cold brew, Greyson Bakery is supplying the brownies and Laci Jordan handled the art on the packaging.

The ice cream is going to be made available around the country soon enough and we cannot wait to dig in. If you would like to learn more about all of the ways that the company is investing in public safety and the continued advancement of Black communities, you can check out the Ben & Jerry’s website.

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