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Marriage proposal content is always awesome to us and we will absolutely never get tired of it. This one is particularly special, though, for reasons that we are about to share.

For starters, Sterling is the fiance in question and she is sharing some awesome footage on her TikTok account (@sterlingolmstead). The behind-the-scenes video compilation that you are about to see is something else.

Photo: TikTok/@sterlingolmstead

In the video, you can see that Nick did not want her to miss one second of the proposal. The preparation process was just as important to him as the actual proposal.

It is always nice to see a husband-to-be taking a proposal this seriously. The process is obviously adorable and we are deeply touched to see him going the extra mile like this.

Photo: TikTok/@sterlingolmstead

Nick filmed himself during the days leading up to the big moment and issued the behind-the-scenes compilation to the world. We are so glad that he did because we had an absolute ball watching it on our own time.

When the video begins, we are treated to a shot of Nick spending time with the bride-to-be’s family. “All right, Sterls, I’m here with your whole family. You don’t know it yet so I’m not gonna show this to you until later,” he said. “We’re gonna get engaged soon.” In the next shot, he has the engagement ring and he is leaving a relative’s house.

Photo: TikTok/@sterlingolmstead

From there, he heads to the beach. “All right, babe, here we are planning out the spot,” he says, as he stands in front of the most beautiful skyline. “We’re a month and two days away from the big day.” As we inch closer to the proposal, the anticipation builds. “We’re officially under 24 hours until I propose,” he says happily.

“You’ve only brought up getting engaged about 85 times today. It’s only about 1 p.m., so I’m sure that’s gonna go up, but as of right now we’re looking good on the surprise. Fam’s coming in tomorrow morning. Can’t wait, I love you.”

We do not wish to spoil the big moment for you, so please be sure to check out the awesome video:


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♬ this is what falling in love feels like – JVKE

Sterling is certainly a very lucky woman, that is for sure.