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The other day, I decided to treat myself to a little spa weekend away. I had taken a shower earlier in the day, and so I left the bathroom fan running for a little while – as one does in winter – in order to prevent mold.

However, I left for two days and completely forgot to turn it off. Thankfully when I came home nothing had happened, but it’s not advised to leave your bathroom fan running for an extended period of time, and here’s why.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Reader’s Digest, experts point out that the most obvious reason to not leave your bathroom fan running is that it causes wear and tear to the motor. That is why, before leaving for vacation, you want to add turning off the bathroom fan to the ever-long “to do” list.

While it might seem insignificant, the main reason is that it could save your house. That is because your bathroom fan is actually a fire hazard. Yes, that is correct.

Photo: Pixabay/Milan LA

All that potential wear and tear to the motor, if you leave it on for too long, could actually result in a fire. And if you’re not home, you won’t be around to hear the smoke detectors so you could end up coming back from vacation to some serious damage.

One Family Handyman explained it to Reader’s Digest this way: “Put simply, the typical ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust vent fan is probably not designed or intended for ‘continuous use.’”

Photo: Pixabay/Adrien Villez

Besides not being built for extended periods of use, the bathroom fan often collects lint and dust – perfect combustible materials for stoking a fire. That is why, in addition to turning off your bathroom fan, it’s a good idea to regularly clean it.

Did you know that your bathroom fan could be a fire hazard? Do you regularly clean it? Let us know!

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