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Olivia Reeths is an avid TikTok user who decided to share a special video of her mother and we are so glad that she did. We have never seen anything like this before and we highly doubt that we are ever going to again.

This story took place at a bar in Nashville, where Olivia’s mother shared an interesting fact with the band that was on hand. She let them know that she could play the fiddle and we are sure that they had a good chuckle at first.

Photo: TikTok/@skootbutt123

What does this older woman know about playing the fiddle? Surely, she had a few and she was just pulling their leg. It was not long before they decided to give her the chance to prove her fiddling playing mettle in front of the crowd.

They handed her one mid-song and told her to do her thing. “I bet you didn’t know it but I’m a fiddle player, too,” Mom said, and from the looks of this video? She meant every word.

Photo: TikTok/@skootbutt123

It is always nice to see people taking the time to share their hidden skills with the rest of the world like this. She could have sat idly by and let the band play. No one would have noticed one way or the other.

Why would you fit in when you can take a moment to stand out, though? The bar patrons and the band clearly enjoyed this performance and it is easy to see why.

Photo: TikTok/@skootbutt123

Fiddles are an underrated instrument, in our humble opinion. Every time that we hear one on a song, we are overjoyed and we are sure that you feel the same.

There are certain instruments that always inspire happiness and fiddles are high up on that list. This mother should join a band if she has the time to do so. We would never get tired of these types of performances. Kudos to her daughter for being willing to capture such a special moment at a moment’s notice.


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Music lovers of all kinds are going to enjoy this performance. We just wish that we had been at this bar on this fateful night so that we could have seen this incredible moment in person. Keep on rocking on in the new year, Mama!