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The FDA announced a recall of baby cereal produced by Maple Island, Inc. on Friday, October 8th, 2021. The Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal is manufactured for Walmart and sold in stores around the country as well as online.

The issue was found while the FDA was doing a routine sampling of products from three separate lots. Each sample tested above the guidelines for naturally occurring inorganic arsenic. Maple Island, Inc. is taking this recall seriously, and Walmart is doing everything it can to remove the affected products from shelves as quickly as possible.


According to the FDA and the Food Safety Network, the specific Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal 8 oz lots being recalled were sold after April 5, 2021, and include:

  • Lot 21083 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of JUN 24 2022
  • Lot 21084 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of JUN 25 2022
  • Lot 21242 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of NOV 30 2022

The best if used by date and product numbers can be found in the bottom left corner on the back of the Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal packaging. Thankfully, at this time, no illnesses related to this product have been reported.


Common symptoms of arsenic poisoning include red or swollen skin, lesions or warts on the skin, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, abnormal heart rhythm, and tingling of fingers and toes. Seek medical treatment immediately if you or your child experience these symptoms.

Consumers who may have purchased any of these products should throw them away or return to Walmart for a full refund. Customers seeking additional information may call Maple Island Inc., Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm Central time at 1-800-369-1022 or contact the company by email at info@maple-island.com.

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