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This woman is here to share the magic of pregnancy with us and it is one of the most spellbinding videos that we have ever seen.

She shared a very magical moment with us and we are more than grateful for the privilege. If you have never seen anything like this before, it is time to strap in because there is no way to prepare for what you are about to see.

Photo: TikTok/@elliyahjade

The pregnant woman’s baby bump actually changes shapes right in front of our eyes. We had to watch the video a few times to make sure that we were seeing what we thought we saw. Once the bump changed shape and we realized that it was not an optical illusion, we were left with so many follow-up questions that we need answers to.

The other viewers who watched the clip decided that this clip allowed them to tell whether it was a boy or girl.

Photo: TikTok/@elliyahjade

Elliyah-Jade (who goes by @elliyahjade on TikTok) is the one who is responsible for this video but we want her to know that we loved every bit of it. “Exposing myself here. But what the f**k was my kid doing in there back then loool,” she says.

We had no idea that the video was old but no worries. That does nothing to diminish the magic of the moment. The clip may only be seven seconds long but there is a lot of wonderment packed into such a small package. The bottom of the bump seems to be sticking far more than you would expect when the video first starts.

Photo: TikTok/@elliyahjade

From there, the top part suddenly jerks upward and begins to flatten out a bit. The way that the child was moving around in her womb is what had people convinced that they could figure out their gender.

For all of the people who were in the comments predicting that she had a boy, congratulations. All of you were actually right. We hesitate to give too much credit because let’s be honest, it was a 50/50 call. A coin flip, if you will.


Exposing myself here. But what the fuck was my kid doikg in there back then loool. #ftp #fyp #babytok #state

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All jokes aside, props to those who guessed correctly and to those who did not? Better luck next time, we suppose. You will probably be waiting a very long time for a video like this one, though.