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Kurt Hughes of Multihull Designs recently found some inspiration that came from a very unlikely source. As more and more people make the move to tiny homes, stories like these take on a greater level of importance.

When Kurt decided to create his own tiny home in his Seattle backyard, he took his inspiration from the Apollo lunar landers and it turned out incredible.

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

Hughes also utilized some common boat design tactics when he was ready to get started. This is a man who loves space and now he can live out his dreams every single day. We can’t think of a cooler way to show your love for space, while also maximizing your space.

Thanks to the boat design tactics that Kurt used, the tiny home is very portable and quite light. The home is also fireproof and takes up just 250 square feet. It is situated on the banks of Washington’s Columbia River.

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

“Puzzled by the design of the Apollo lunar landers, catamaran-designer Kurt Hughes decided to build one, both as proof of concept and as a very personal vacation home on the banks of the Columbia River,” says Kirsten Dirksen. Hughes is far from stingy when it comes to this tiny house design, too. He has every intention of making the design available to anyone who is looking to replicate it.

She continued, saying:

“Hughes believes his ultra-light tiny home – the 250-square-foot structure weighs just 3,000 pounds – can, and should, be replicated, especially for those building tiny homes on wheels where weight is paramount. He’s working on a manual to show others how to create their own SIP panels.”

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

Kudos to Kurt for all of the hard work that he put in. All of his fellow space lovers are sure to love this design. We cannot wait to see the awesome replications that are sure to result from his finished product.

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