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This story originally appeared at Goodfullness by Christine.

These are the stories that serve as inspiration to all of the fed up wives out there who are tired of carrying the load for their entire household. The best marriages take place when both parties are equally invested in household chores. One person should never be doing all of the work. Unfortunately, there are some lazy chauvinists out there who seem to think otherwise.

Once kids are a part of the equation, there is a lot that needs to be done. Let’s be honest here. Most of these tasks seem to become the wife’s responsibility. Too many men out there are willing to sit back and wait for their wife to handle everything. They never stop to consider the fact that they are also tired and in need of help. Karen Alpert is here to share her story.

She’s a well-known blogger and the creator of Baby Sideburns. When Karen got annoyed with her husband’s constant slacking, she decided to get her revenge. The manner in which she went about it was a little mean but we are 100 percent here for it. She created a grocery list full of made up items and sent her husband off to the store without a second thought.

You would think that he would have caught on to what was taking place here but that’s what happens when you slack off. Even something as simple as grocery shopping becomes a completely foreign concept. This man went to the store in search of “fat-free hummus” and “Diet Diet Coke”. She even included “organic Pop Tarts” for good reason and we are screaming with laughter.

One of the comments on her Facebook post says it all. A woman replied that her man hates going to the store, too. She showed him the list and he could not seem to figure out what the issue was. His friend had to tell him why the list made no sense! The husband seems to be a good sport. Karen included a follow-up post of the poor man passed out in the soda aisle.

While these two are in a good place, let this be a lesson, men. Don’t let your wife handle every aspect of housekeeping. You just might end up like this man, sprawled out in a grocery store aisle with no clue how you got there. Please be sure to share this story with all of the couples that you know!

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