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Restaurants across the United States are opening for customers who want to dine in. It comes on the heels of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now it seems as if everyone is ready to get back to their regular routine. Then again, perhaps a little more time is needed.

Business Insider obtained a poll by Harris Poll that claims 40% of those who were questioned did not feel comfortable eating out at a restaurant within a month after the government said the “curve” is flattening. In addition, 20% of those asked said that it may take up to three months after a dip in coronavirus cases for them to go back to a restaurant and eat out. It is noteworthy that COVID-19 cases are rising again in many areas of the United States.

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A weekly Morning Consult Poll found something similar. It showed that about 37% of adults feel uncomfortable heading out to a restaurant at this time. Last week, the number was at 41%. Even though the percentage is low, it is the activity that the adults who were questioned are most comfortable with at this time. Coming in second and third are vacations and going to a mall.

BI mentioned that the information would help restaurant owners and workers to know what was necessary in order to keep their doors open. Some people say that if the state allows eating out at restaurants, they would rely on that information. There has been a lowering of restrictions but the restaurant business is still suffering. Many are reluctant to go out and they may also be operating at a reduced capacity. It is thought that hundreds of billions of dollars will be lost by the restaurant industry this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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