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Kacie Burns, who goes by @kacierose4 on TikTok, is an American who is currently living in Italy. Since moving abroad, she’s been learning the hard way that there are certain foods that can’t be ordered in every country.

You see, when we travel, we have to know a few things. First of all, words do not mean the same in every location, including the phrase, “chips and salsa.”

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Burns’ video provides you with a close-up look at what will happen if you order this dish in Italy. This is a “culture shock” for the ages but hopefully, it keeps others from making similar mistakes in their travels.

“An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing,” she captioned the clip. In her defense, this order did not come from a place of complete and total naivete.

Photo: TikTok/kacierose4

As it turns out, the Italians do place “chips and salsa” on the menu. There is just one problem: it’s not the same type of chips and salsa that we serve in the US. From the looks of it, she received a basket of potato chips that came with a packet of ketchup, as well as a packet of mayonnaise.

Photo: TikTok/kacierose4

Burns took it all in stride and was sure to let people know that she had been given exactly what she had been promised. It’s not the restaurant’s fault, but it’s still hilarious.

Watch the clip below:


An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing 😅 #americansinitaly #lifeinitaly

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