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Don’t be surprised if you go to the store to pick up your favorite beer and it is out of stock. It isn’t because they are no longer brewing it, it’s because there is a lack of aluminum cans. It seems as if the demand has increased and smaller craft brewers may not be able to make it through the pandemic.

According to a not-for-profit trade organization, The Brewers Association, there is a can shortage. They represent thousands of brewers in the United States and a can shortage advisory has been issued. “All can sizes have had periods of shortage-16 ounce, 12 ounce, slim 12 ounce, and crowlers at various levels at various times,” it wrote on July 31.

“Can supply is a big deal,” Paul Gatza, senior vice president for the Brewers Association told CNN Business last month. “We are seeing extended wait times for can orders and also some of the smaller players not having orders fulfilled. Expect to hear more about can shortages across beverage companies.”

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How will brewers manage during an aluminum can shortage? Start by carefully monitoring inventory and lead times, and clearly communicating needs with suppliers. Read about the Can Shortage Advisory via link in bio @brewersassoc.

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Now that bars are closed due to the pandemic, beers are not being poured out of the tap as often and are now being consumed out of a can at home. This is an issue that goes back a number of years to “a dramatic shift to aluminum cans as the preferred package for craft beers,” the Brewers Association reports.

There is also an increase in canned wines and cocktails that are being consumed. Last summer, there was a White Claw trend and now it is continuing into the winter months. Soft drinks, seltzers, and other beverages are also adding to the demand for aluminum cans.

That majority of those who manufacture aluminum cans will not be coming online until 2021 is over. This makes it difficult for those who need aluminum cans now. It is impacting both craft brewers and large brewers and some are not likely to make it through the pandemic.

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