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When the lime-flavored Skittles were replaced with the green apple flavor back in 2013, there was a sizable amount of outrage. We can see why because the lime-flavored Skittles are absolutely delicious.

All of the green candies in the world are not created equally, which is a lesson that the good folks at Skittles would soon learn. Thankfully, the brand has heard your cries and they are looking to make things right.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They announced on Facebook that they’re bringing back a limited-edition All-Lime pack, that just features lime-flavored Skittles.

They wrote, “You asked a lot. You complained even more… so here you go. SKITTLES ALL LIME Packs will be available nationwide in July, but only for a limited time. BUY THEM OUT AND MARKETING MIGHT BRING THEM BACK FOREVER. (this is gonna get me fired, but they weren’t paying me anyways -the intern)”

Photo: Facebook/Skittles

This is actually the first time in their history that Skittles has released a pack that only comes with one flavor. They’re really bringing back the lime flavor hard!

Photo: Facebook/Skittles

You can buy some for yourself in July of 2021, so keep your eyes peeled!