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Chris-Rachael Oseland of Kitchen Overlord has come up with the most amazing idea. We have seen a lot of different cookbooks in our time that have been inspired by all sorts of things.

The cookbook that Oseland has come up with is sure to draw a lot of attention, though. Alien: The Official Cookbook is here to serve as a game-changer for many.

Photo: flickr/Felinomoruno

So, how do these recipes tie in with the mood that the movie is trying to create? These are the questions that need answering.

We have gotten a glimpse of some of the recipes in this cookbook and they are hilarious to look at. Everything from “Avocado Xenomorph Egg,” and “Bok Choy Facehuggers,” to a “Red Pepper Quiche with Sausage Chestburster,” and “Avocado and Bacon Stuffed Alien Tea Eggs” has been represented here. This is one author who has thought of everything!

Photo: Amazon

“Thrill your friends and frighten your family with 50 delectable recipes inspired by the cult sci-fi Alien series!” the description proclaims.

Oseland deserves a great deal of credit for managing to come up with 50 different recipes that are inspired by this series of movies. It could not have been the easiest task in the world, or this galaxy, for those who are currently keeping score at home.

Photo: Amazon

This is true artistry and we can’t wait to try the recipes for ourselves.

What do you think of the cookbook? Let us know!

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