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This young man is named Abraham and he’s had a very rough go of things. Can you believe that this little boy has yet to enjoy a birthday cake of his own?

This is something that his adopted family was looking to rectify. He’s never had the chance to make a wish or even blow out his own candles. Fortunately, he has now been given a well-deserved second chance.

Photo: TikTok/@jamiewalker1222

Children like Abraham are often left to fend for themselves in these situations. Sadly, there are more children that need homes than they are parents who are willing to adopt them. That’s what makes this story such a special one.

We love to see children like him finally having the chance to enjoy all of the awesome aspects of childhood that they have previously missed out on.

Photo: TikTok/@jamiewalker1222

Every child deserves the opportunity to create these sorts of memories. It breaks our heart into pieces when we think about all of the kids out there that do not get adopted into the same sort of homes as Abraham. His story should be far more commonplace and we hope that this video inspires others to make the same decision that this family did.

With so many children out there who need homes, there is no shortage of chances for parents out there to create these sorts of moments for other children like Abraham.

Photo: TikTok/@jamiewalker1222

The amount of joy that is evident on this child’s face is enough to reduce anyone to tears. We were bawling ourselves when we saw the cake with his name on it.

It’s the first time he’s ever been given a cake that is just for him. Most children take this type of experience for granted but Abraham never will. This is the face of a little boy who knows how far he has come and his parents are clearly sharing in immense happiness with him.


Abraham has never “made a wish” or blown out candles on his very own cake! This is what JOY looks like!! #internationaladoption

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That’s life as a parent. It feels better to do something for your child and see their smiling face than it does to do something for yourself.

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